The history, future, and ongoing tales of a boy, a girl, scraped knees & being in love.


From Now On...

the only way to fly is to keep falling

So after a good healthy hiatus, we're back to writing and this time with a much narrower scope.  Admittedly,
attempting to take on a blog written entirely without a specific focus was simultaneously far too overwhelming
and somehow under-stimulating.  Without even the plan to write about our days and merely the general theme
of "us," keepfalling was starting to feel like a chore without a purpose.  So we've regrouped and after some
consideration, concluded on our new and improved concentration.

Much in the vein of For Jacob and Samantha and The Essential Man, the new plan is to pen our adventures,
advice, dreams, and seemingly pointless musings as letters to our children.  It gives us purpose to write.  Now,
for those of you who don't know, we haven't yet nor are we attempting to conceive biological children, we have
future plans to adopt, and we have a good number of friends and friends of friends who have looked to us as
parental-figures.  We're writing for all of you.

We hope that whether you're a current parent, a future parent, a never-going-to-be-a parent, or need a parent,
you'll find something worthwhile.  At times we, ourselves fit into each of those categories and hope you'll enjoy
the voyage as we navigate adulthood and try to leave breadcrumbs for others to follow.

keep falling,
a + n