The history, future, and ongoing tales of a boy, a girl, scraped knees & being in love.


only struggle begets true bliss

Don't get me wrong; everybody likes to watch a winner, to see the confident swagger that comes with a record to prove it.
But there is also a force of resistance to someone who you just come to EXPECT to win. 
How else can you explain how everyone (even New Yorkers) have a certain disdain for the Yankees?

Let's be honest… watching (insert hot male celebrity) always get the girl gets boring.

     I want to see Steve Buscemi's characters fall in love.
          And for it to be reciprocated.

The steps:
  -take sides with an underdog because you see yourself.
  -wait endlessly while they fail again and again.
  -when that ONE moment of serendipity and success comes, you REJOICE!

I'm not the nicest man, not the most charming. More importantly, not the most compatible with my wife. 
I grit my teeth and bite my tongue and yell and struggle through the bad times and the disagreements and
out-of-syncronicities…waiting for when we finish each other's sentences.

For when we communicate across the room in a glance.
For when that little encouraging phrase from her was the only difference between perseverance...
     ...and saying "f*ck it."
For picking up the phone before it rings, knowing she is on the other end of the line.
For saying "I know how you feel," and being right.

There is a special joy in that fleeting moment that anyone in a regular, 'easy' relationship will never feel
because they don't know what it is worth. They cannot appreciate the victory that comes with such a hard
struggle. And it is exactly why the highest highs come from the lowest lows.



faith and desire at the swing of your hips

Home is surreal, but nice.  Spent the afternoon, delirious after the sleepless sixteen-hour drive, playing with the sister 
and mom's weighted fitness hula hoop.  Enjoying nuclearfamilytime and anxious to reconnect with friendfamilygroup!




Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy.

One day, they fell in.

This trip down the rabbit hole felt like they were falling forever,

whizzing past the hot molten centre of the earth, until they passed through to the other side,
ascending to a new horizon. They walked about on their new plane, taking in all the exciting
sights and sounds.
Flowers were more fragrant, strawberries more sweet.

       "Is this what falling in love is like for everyone?" she asked him, eyes big and wide.
       "Let's find out!" he shouted, taking her by the hand and pulling her towards the cliff.

She held her breath and it all felt like slow-motion as they taxied to the edge and after one

burst of weightless flight, gravity ever the victor, they soared toward the water.
He felt like he might let go, but he only grew stronger with every tug.
The waves cradled their fall, carrying them to the depths where they found their footing
at the bottom of the ocean.

Through the very moment you're reading this, the girl and the boy, hand-in-hand, have

discovered mountains to climb, buildings to leap from, chasms to jump, and caves to explore:
trying to fall into love in every imaginable way with little things, significant things,
and most importantly, each other.

This is their story.


the first snowfall

white dusts the urbanscape.
less pressing things {such as introducing ourselves} for another time.